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  • We pride ourselves on being customer focused, and making sure that you are getting the Caravan of your dreams, not of our dreams. There are limitations to what we can do to the base models trying to fit everything in a 'Little Caravan', but usually if you want it to be done and we can fit in then we say 'Yes'.

  • The Tare weight depends alot on what you have in the Caravan. Depending on which model you choose the Tare weight can vary from 1500kg to 1800kg, for more inofmration please contact your local dealer or call the Factory Direct on 1800 332 662

  • You can find our Caravans at one of our experinced dealers locations which can find on our webiste or you can also come direct to the factory. We also go to Caravan & Camping Shows throughout the year, you can find out where we are going on our 'Latest News' page.