Does the caravan have a fridge?

Yes, unlike most other small caravans, our vans come with a 135l fridge as standard equipment, installed inside the van

Does the caravan include an awning?

– All our vans come with an electric awning as standard

Can my Toyota Prado tow the caravan?

A Toyota Prado can tow our van at an ATM of 2,900kg

Can I get into the bed from either side?

Yes, you can get access to Queen Sized bed from three sides

Is the suspension suitable for tough Australian conditions?

Unlike the other manufacturers, our off-road suspension has been validated to meet the requirements of the Australian Standard VSB 14

Are these vans compliant with Australian Design Rules?

All our caravans are fully compliant with Australian Design Rules and VSM1. We have Vehicle Type Approval.

Where are the caravans built?

The vans are partially built in China, then all the critical electrical appliances are installed in Australia by qualified tradespeople

Is the chassis strong enough for Australian Conditions?

The chassis has been tested and validated by Breamer engineering to meet VSB14

Can I get an inverter fitted?

Yes, an inverter can be installed as an option

Can the caravan have Lithium Ion batteries?

Yes, the batteries can be upgraded from Lead-acid to Lithium Ion.